Becoming a Spa-aholic

Hot water!

Blue Lagoon Spa, Iceland

In previous years, the thought of going to a spa, or ‘Spaaaaa’ as I feel it should be pronounced in a Queen diction, was enough to make me shudder. But for some reason, I can’t get enough of them this year!

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Anxiety and traveling


When you think of travel you think of beaches, activities, relaxing and adventure, but for many, including myself, it also means anxiety.

When we go travelling, we always tend to find out something new about ourselves, or stumble across some sort of life lessons – and if you don’t, then you’re probably on an all inclusive! Over the last year I had three great trips, to Denmark, Germany and Iceland as well as experiencing my first festival, Glastonbury. One thing I did come to realise though, was that I was not enjoying my self as much as I should have, and that was all down to anxiety.

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Iceland: Reykjavik


It’s windy, it’s expensive but my god it is beautiful!

There’s one thing that you will notice as soon as you reach the quaint town of Reykjavik, and if you’ve already been then you know what I’m about to mention – and that’s the beautiful Esja mountains! I know it’s cheesy to say that my breath was taken away but there’s a reason why that expression is used to describe a sight of awe. And that’s exactly what these mountains are! Across the sea front, where you’ll be swept off your feet in the January winds, is the most amazing scenery, and even more stunning when the setting sun paints them a gorgeous pale pink. It was always a privilege to pass them on our 40 minute morning walk from our hotel to Reykjavik town centre.

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Iceland: The Golden Circle


The Golden Circle, it’s as mystical as it sounds!

The Golden Circle was an intriguing title that I came across almost everywhere on the internet when doing my pre-iceland trip research. Intrigued by this elaborate name, I jumped on the opportunity to do the tour with (as a two location day trip, starting at the Blue Lagoon) Iceland Excursions.
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Iceland: The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon at sunrise

The Blue Lagoon at sunrise

Bathing in hot waters whilst watching the sun rise over volcanic rubble, this is why I love travel.

For our penultimate day in Iceland we had a whole day of experiences booked – again, with Iceland Excursions, who we did our Northern Lights tour with. I booked this holiday, and it’s tours, a while back in October, and since then I’ve been very busy with University, placements and work, so when I saw our trip was booked the day before we left (meaning we had two days of occupying ourselves with the Reykjavik city and becoming extremely familiar with it’s pavements) I was wondering what on earth I was thinking. But, as soon as our day of soaking in the geothermal waters of the blue lagoon, standing on the North American tectonic plates, and taking on Iceland’s harsh winds to watch a Geysir shooting into the sky and gasp at the wonder of the Gullfoss Waters, I realised why I left this tour to the last day – it was the perfect way to end – and remember – my boyfriend and I’s adventurous trip to Iceland.
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Iceland: The Northern Lights


1st January, bucket list ticked, The Northern Lights!

The Northern Lights has been something on my bucket list since I caught the travel bug (2011, tripping across North America’s southern states) and I read in Wanderlust this year that the solar flares were going to be at their most active – so seemed like it was meant to be!

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My Travel Christmas Gifts


Finally, no more Christmas songs!

Working in retail can undoubtedly ruin your Christmas spirit – the customers seem to ask more stupid questions each year and ‘All I Want For Christmas’ is to not listen to this song again! I really couldn’t wait to get xmas over with, but when it came around I was so surprised by the xmas haul and thoughtful gifts. Here were  the travel gifts I got this year, let me know what you received this festive season!

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