My Air BnB experience

Air bnb

Cheap, unique, a way to meet the locals, and value for money. Sign me up!

Any travel blogger, or travel blog binge-er, has come across the name Air BnB. So, when trying (see: going out of my mind!) to book a hotel in Brighton for one night and unexpectantly being faced with the over whelming prices, lack of rooms, and two-night stay policies, the epiphany of Air BnB struck me.
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How I like to plan a trip


Fail to plan, plan to fail. That’s my motto!

I’m an organiser. Not just ‘I’ll book the flights and hotel’ – I wish – for me it’s, ‘I’ll compare the flights and see which one I can get cheapest, and try and shove two weeks worth of travel into my hand luggage just to not let Ryanair get the satisfaction of me paying their overpriced baggage fees’. Being an organiser means I don’t take a holiday lightly, even if it is just a weekend  away! I just don’t see the point in not getting the most out of your trip just because you haven’t done your research. I like to compare hotel prices, read reviews about said hotel – and if I’m lucky, get to look at some photos submitted by the visitors. If there’s a pubic hair in the tub, I’m moving on to another hotel. So here is a guide on how I like to plan my holidays.
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