The British Seaside: Brighton


When it comes to beaches I am a lover of clear seas, skin licking sun, cocktails in coconuts and a good book on a desert Island. However, the British sea side offers quite a different, but no less fun, experience. Last weekend a friend and I took a road trip to Brighton to see Paolo Nutini and as soon as we arrived I remembered how much I love it here.

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A Birthday Abroad

A dog's birthday

In less than 20 days I’m going to reach the milestone age of 21!

I’m not going to lie, 21 is a bit of a scary age and with the end of University approaching and my plans for my RTW trip starting to simmer, I’m anticipating the next few years to be a little wild.

21 is a big age and I would have loved to have gone away for the weekend but alas, my student induced poorness has left me stranded on this desert Island known as England. But next year I hope to be spending my 22nd somewhere completely new, interesting and memorable.
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