Becoming a Spa-aholic

Hot water!

Blue Lagoon Spa, Iceland

In previous years, the thought of going to a spa, or ‘Spaaaaa’ as I feel it should be pronounced in a Queen diction, was enough to make me shudder. But for some reason, I can’t get enough of them this year!

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My RTW travel wants

It’s like a birthday wish list, but for a year-long trip around the world.


It’s 2.30 pm, I’m wearing pyjamas in bed and I’m feeling very hungover. Yes my readers, I have finished with my dissertation, and within a few weeks I’ll be finished with University altogether!

My months of reading, writing and lets face it, having somewhat of a break down, did not get in my way of some Round The World procrastination. As mentioned in my ‘Where I’m going on my RTW trip’ post, you all know that once the gates of the University pen have opened I shall be taking on a great adventure through Australasia. These are just few things which I have been aching to add to my packing list.

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Celebrating in the Danish Countryside


Everyone should have a friend abroad, cheap housing, cooked meals and great fun!

Last weekend I completed a few firsts. Even though it wasn’t my first time to Denmark, it was my first time to the Danish Countryside, it was my shortest holiday abroad staying only two nights and my first trip abroad with a big group! Nine of us in total.

As you may know, if you’ve read my post on my time in Aarhus, Denmark, I have two old school friends who now live in Denmark and Germany, and we usually only get to see each other once a year for a few weeks in the summer. So, when Annika, my dane, suggested we spend a weekend in her Summer House in Bonnerup to celebrate her 21st it was a must!

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Anxiety and traveling


When you think of travel you think of beaches, activities, relaxing and adventure, but for many, including myself, it also means anxiety.

When we go travelling, we always tend to find out something new about ourselves, or stumble across some sort of life lessons – and if you don’t, then you’re probably on an all inclusive! Over the last year I had three great trips, to Denmark, Germany and Iceland as well as experiencing my first festival, Glastonbury. One thing I did come to realise though, was that I was not enjoying my self as much as I should have, and that was all down to anxiety.

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Iceland: Reykjavik


It’s windy, it’s expensive but my god it is beautiful!

There’s one thing that you will notice as soon as you reach the quaint town of Reykjavik, and if you’ve already been then you know what I’m about to mention – and that’s the beautiful Esja mountains! I know it’s cheesy to say that my breath was taken away but there’s a reason why that expression is used to describe a sight of awe. And that’s exactly what these mountains are! Across the sea front, where you’ll be swept off your feet in the January winds, is the most amazing scenery, and even more stunning when the setting sun paints them a gorgeous pale pink. It was always a privilege to pass them on our 40 minute morning walk from our hotel to Reykjavik town centre.

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Iceland: The Golden Circle


The Golden Circle, it’s as mystical as it sounds!

The Golden Circle was an intriguing title that I came across almost everywhere on the internet when doing my pre-iceland trip research. Intrigued by this elaborate name, I jumped on the opportunity to do the tour with (as a two location day trip, starting at the Blue Lagoon) Iceland Excursions.
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Iceland: The Northern Lights


1st January, bucket list ticked, The Northern Lights!

The Northern Lights has been something on my bucket list since I caught the travel bug (2011, tripping across North America’s southern states) and I read in Wanderlust this year that the solar flares were going to be at their most active – so seemed like it was meant to be!

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Travel Inspiration


Gotta love ’em

I’m a sucker for travel inspiration quotes – I can literally spend hours on Pinterest – but I’m not talking about quotes in this post, I’m talking about proper inspiration and where to get it from. I sometimes, who am I kidding I ALWAYS, get the urge to want to go travelling – or at least add a destination to my already extensive bucket list – and I usually soothe my backpacker cravings with doing what I like to do best, research!  Today, I give you a list of where to look for some travel inspiration!
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How I like to plan a trip


Fail to plan, plan to fail. That’s my motto!

I’m an organiser. Not just ‘I’ll book the flights and hotel’ – I wish – for me it’s, ‘I’ll compare the flights and see which one I can get cheapest, and try and shove two weeks worth of travel into my hand luggage just to not let Ryanair get the satisfaction of me paying their overpriced baggage fees’. Being an organiser means I don’t take a holiday lightly, even if it is just a weekend  away! I just don’t see the point in not getting the most out of your trip just because you haven’t done your research. I like to compare hotel prices, read reviews about said hotel – and if I’m lucky, get to look at some photos submitted by the visitors. If there’s a pubic hair in the tub, I’m moving on to another hotel. So here is a guide on how I like to plan my holidays.
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How to deal with homesickness on your Gap Year


So today is the dreaded ‘results day’ for the younger Brits. I remember getting my A-level results – in the hallway of a hotel room in LA at 3am – and absolutely not believing how well I did.

Unfortunately for me, Mr. Prime Minister Cameron hoiked up the University fees to £9,000 the year after mine – meaning this was the only time I could go to Uni with the prices still being low. Being a twin, I couldn’t let my parents pay nearly triple the prices just so I could do a bit of traveling, so I missed out on my gapyear, which absolutely torments me. But, now the prices are set in stone, so you might as well go!

One of the biggest fears of gap year-ing is the thought of missing home, with this being the first time most people have flown the nest, and dealing with the troubles of travelling doesn’t make it easier. So here is an article I wrote for on how to deal with this and how not to let it ruin your lifetime adventure.

The experiences, cultures and learning curves you’ll enjoy while travelling are more than enough to put a spot of backpacking on anyone’s bucket list. However, with most things, there are times where it gets tough, and you might find yourself in a situation where you’ve had enough, and then the dreaded symptoms of homesickness arise.

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