Me in Zakynthos, Greece

I am a travel-enthusiast (see: obsession), amateur photographer and documenting hoarder.

My love for travel was first ignited on a school trip to Germany when I was 16, which then blew up to full-on inferno during my 3 week trip across America. Now, with three years of University (studying journalism) nearly over, I am itching to start my first-ever RTW trip.

I welcome you all to join me during the planning stages of my trip, my adventures, my lessons and experiences and my inevitably, second RTW trip. I also do love a good festival. Hopefully you’ll also be able to follow my career as I embark on my dream job as a travel writer.

Stay classy travel lovers.

*If there are any typos in my post it’s because I type too quick for my brain to catch up. I am actually a bonafide member of the grammar police but even we make mistakes sometimes*



7 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you! I have a Canon 600D and it does me well. Most photos on here were taken with the standard kit lens, but my Denmark photos were taken with a 50mm lens, which I shall be getting in the next few weeks as I love it!

  1. Hi Helen, Lovely to meet you yesterday at Blogstock. Wasn’t it a fantastic weekend, despite the weather. I wanted to check out your friends blog too but I can’t find it, someething to do with under the sun and sea. Could you remind me of its name please? Thanks and all the best with your blog. Kat

    • Hi Kat,

      It was lovely to meet you too 🙂 you should have seen the rain this morning, made for a very eventful time packing the tent up! Thanks for your kind words on my blog, it’s in the very early stages so I really appreciate it. I’ll check out your blog this evening as well, my friend’s blog is http://underthesunandsea.com and her twitter handle is @undersunandsea.

      Thanks again, Helen.

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