My Air BnB experience

Air bnb

Cheap, unique, a way to meet the locals, and value for money. Sign me up!

Any travel blogger, or travel blog binge-er, has come across the name Air BnB. So, when trying (see: going out of my mind!) to book a hotel in Brighton for one night and unexpectantly being faced with the over whelming prices, lack of rooms, and two-night stay policies, the epiphany of Air BnB struck me.

As I said, I’d come across Air BnB on many blogs and Youtube vlogs, but I had only briefly looked at the website. For those who are yet to come across the amazement of Air BnB, basically it’s a website which allows the every day person to rent out their whole apartment, house or private room to visiting guests who need a place for the night, a fortnight or more. I had always liked the idea of using Air BnB on a future holiday abroad to rent out an entire apartment, especially as the price for a whole place to your self usually works out the same as a nearby hotel if you’re sharing. But, one thing I was less fond of was staying in somebody’s house.

However, after many requests to stay in an apartment fell through – turns out we were needing to stay in Brighton on a half term weekend when school is out, something I didn’t realise until I had started looking for place,  so I guess this isn’t a usual occurrence – I was relieved to be accepted by Kay and her ‘Ceramic House‘. Kay is a local artitst and her home is decorated in wonderful ceramic tiles, patterns and art. Right up my alley! The photos showed really lovely images of their unique house and bright, clean bedroom all for £83 for two people! It was a definite bargain compared to the £150 for a night at Travel Lodge. I contacted the owners and everything went smoothly. Kay gave me her number so we could give her an E(estimate) T (time) A (of arrival) so that she would be able to greet us upon arrival, which I thought was really kind of her and her husband – especially as our 2 hour car journey ended up being a four hour one!

The house was on quite a crammed but quiet street with the best thing being free parking. Brighton appears to have adopted the London prices of everything and I sure didn’t fancy having to fork out for parking, but as this was a house there it had free street parking! Perfect! The house inside was so quaint and the ceramic art did not disappoint. Kay, her husband, and one cute miniature schaunzer, welcomed us, gave us a second set of keys and a tour of the house. Unfortunately, we were in a rush for a dinner reservation before going to our gig so we had to cut the tour short, but none the less I really appreciated it. The bedroom though was so lovely as well and I wish we had more than one night there. The bed was soooo comfy and she had laid out towels for us to use as well. My favourite part about the room were these ceramic sea urchins on the wall. I need these in my future house! And a beautifully green mosaic bathroom with a waterfall shower – I mean, it was incredible.

When we went downstairs we told them a bit about our nightly plans whilst they kindly called us a taxi and gave us their address on my phone for getting home.

I really did love the experience with Air BnB but I do think I’d still prefer using it for renting apartments more than private rooms. For some reason I couldn’t quite relax knowing that we were in some one else’s house. But, I am fully aware this is because of my own awkwardly shy issues and had nothing to do with our hosts – they were wonderful. They even bought us up green tea after we mentioned how much we liked it – now that’s service you don’t get at a hotel. I think for a friend get away it was perfect, but for a more romantic and lets say erm…. ‘Bedroom wrestling’ weekend away with a spouse, I would not have been comfortable. I also did feel bad coming in quite late at night, so if I was having a night out at in Brighton I would probably stick with an overpriced Travel Lodge because I just have too much of guilt complex to wake up the hosts who are so kindly letting us stay in their house for a night – plus on AirBnB, they can review me as a guest!

All in all though, if you are looking for a cheap weekend away I would recommend Air Bnb. The the prices and experience alone really put it ahead the hotel money-making market, and I definitely will be looking there first for accommodation before any holiday.

*This post was not sponsored and the opinions are all my own*


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