Becoming a Spa-aholic

Hot water!

Blue Lagoon Spa, Iceland

In previous years, the thought of going to a spa, or ‘Spaaaaa’ as I feel it should be pronounced in a Queen diction, was enough to make me shudder. But for some reason, I can’t get enough of them this year!

I’m not quite sure why I hated the thought of a spa so much, but for some reason I think it has something to do with being a very boring child. As a kid I was always too scared to follow my brother and sister out in to the open sea, or climb to the tallest branch of a tree, or jump off anything from a height. Why do all that when you could sit and read a book?! Right?

However, during my teenagehood I had somewhat of an epiphany on how many experiences I had missed out on and decided not to waste another moment – and the thought of sitting on my butt in a spa was what I considered a wasted moment.

Well, that was until I actually went to a spa this year – I have now been to three!

Why you should visit a spa…

1. They’re not as boring as you think

The Blue Lagoon at sunrise

The Blue Lagoon Spa, Iceland

Okay, so you’re not doing much. I’ll be honest. My trip to the Blue Lagoon spa in Iceland was a bit different as it was a geo thermal pool with mud masks, and I was on holiday. But, I wasn’t expecting all the things from a standard spa that you could try. There are usually different steam rooms with various relaxing scents, there’s hot benches to lie on, saunas to sweat in and then an ice bucket – or an Ice Cave as there was at Whittleburyhall – to wake you up, something I personally love doing, although it takes some guts to pull that bucket over you. There’s always a really nice pool with massage jets, which are actually quite painful. Oh and water beds, I do love the water beds.

On my most recent trip to a spa at Whittlebury Hall, I was treated to a facial – not the dirty kind, mind out of the gutters please. I was offered to have a massage or facial, but I still can’t bring myself to be rubbed down by a stranger – especially after my last massage which happened to be a sports massage to sort out a bad back, and I have to say I felt slightly violated after that one, it did the trick though.

So, I decided to dip my toe in to the Treatment pool with a facial and I actually really liked it. I did feel a bit awkward when the lady started massaging my face but the products were so lovely – and out of my price range – but as a skincare lover I was really enthusiastic about the results, which were amazing. And after being initially startled by the massaging I did actually find it really relaxing, which takes me on to the next point.

2. It is actually relaxing!

Coming out of the spa, all relaxed, Whittelbury Hall

Coming out of the spa, all relaxed, Whittelburyhall

I don’t know whether it’s the music or the scents but I do actually find myself relaxing properly at a spa, which I can’t seem to do at home. I am quite a high stress person, and with University, work and blogging, I do find it hard to relax – or set aside time to relax. But, now that I’ve been to two spas in the UK, Centerparcs and Whittlebury Hall, I’ve realised that sometimes not doing much at all is quite nice.

I’m still not one of those people who could spend hours and hours and weekend upon weekend at a spa but just having no mobile phone or laptop near is actually a huge part of the relaxation. My first two spas I went with my partner, who wasn’t too in tune with the idea, but on my last trip I went with my Mum and my Sister and it was a really great to just spend time with them, especially as my sister doesn’t live at home and was visiting. If you have friends or close family visiting, then I would recommend a spa evening as they’re a really great place to catch up without any distractions.

3. They’re not that expensive

Glass of wine included in the Twilight Package, Whittlebury

Glass of wine included in the Twilight Package, Whittlebury

Okay, so a spa isn’t a habit I can keep up whilst saving up for a RTW trip, but the ones I have visited have not actually been that expensive. The key word you are looking for is Twilight. And not the vampire kind. These sessions are usually run from 4pm in the evening until closing and they’re always cheaper. The price for three hours, including dinner and one glass of wine, for the spa evening at Whittleburyhall was £55 each, which for all that wasn’t bad at all. The Blue Lagoon spa worked out to about £30, I only had an hour and a half there as we had the Golden Circle to visit that day but that money would have been completely worth it if we stayed longer. Plus, it was huge tourist attracting which undoubtedly bumped the price up, but again, not bad. The twilight spa at Centerparcs was also about £30. They usually do ask for ‘couples’ but just bring a friend and you’re set. With all things though, it’s as expensive as you make it. If you want the skincare products, slippers, treatments and champagne then it’s going to cost a lot but you can do it on the cheap.

So that’s my round up of why I love spas so much! I would love to go every month, especially as I’m going to be working in London soon, eek, but I can’t quite justify that. But finding a nice spa is definitely being add to my RTW to do list to have some down time. You do feel a bit like a mental patient shuffling around in a robe and flip flops but it’s all part of the fun, I have my eyes on the rooftop spa, Thermae Bath, in Bath for my next stint.



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