My RTW travel wants

It’s like a birthday wish list, but for a year-long trip around the world.


It’s 2.30 pm, I’m wearing pyjamas in bed and I’m feeling very hungover. Yes my readers, I have finished with my dissertation, and within a few weeks I’ll be finished with University altogether!

My months of reading, writing and lets face it, having somewhat of a break down, did not get in my way of some Round The World procrastination. As mentioned in my ‘Where I’m going on my RTW trip’ post, you all know that once the gates of the University pen have opened I shall be taking on a great adventure through Australasia. These are just few things which I have been aching to add to my packing list.

Go Pro HERO3+ Black Edition

Go Pro Hero3+ Black Edition. It's a thing of beauty!

Go Pro Hero3+ Black Edition

Lets just get this one out of the way because we all knew that this one would not avoid the want list. I’d say ‘wish’ but I want it, want it, want it! *inset screaming and floor tantrum*. The Go Pro has long since been an extra limb to travellers, adventurers and techno enthusiasts. I am a confessed, serial documenter. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, this blog, you name it! I’m a photo snapper and sharer so I feel like the Go Pro would just be the most perfect little gadget for me to take on my travels.

I’ve become obsessed with the new Go Pro which has been released, and after watching the specifications and image samples, a cheaper alternative will not do! The images are sharp, there’s a clear microphone, and the ability to share the videos with ease from the Go Pro App. I mean, I’m wiping the saliva off my keyboard as I type!!

I’ve been eyeing this one on Amazon for £319.00 (RRP £359.00) and I feel like I’m just going to have to dip in to my savings and view this as an investment in memories….justified? I think so!

Click here for the direct link to the Go Pro website where all the info and technical jargon is…


Manfrotto MKC3-H01 Compact Photo-Movie Kit

Manfrotto MKC3-H01 Compact Photo-Movie Kit. Compact being the key word there!

Manfrotto MKC3-H01 Compact Photo-Movie Kit


Compact. Foldable. Light weight. These words are like the voice of angles (or key selling points, whichever) when it comes to travel photographers. I am by no means a professional photographer but it is a hobby that I really enjoy and I always manage to teach myself something new whenever I take my camera out.

When I go on my trip I know that I am going to see some amazing and beautiful things which a photo will probably never justify, but I might as well give it the good ol’ college try. Night shots, long exposures and foggy waterfalls are something which cannot be achieved without a steady camera, and for a steady camera you have little choice but to use a Tripod. I actually already have a tripod  but it is so bulky and carrying it around London for a day was enough for me, let alone as 12 month RTW trip.  I love how small this tripod folds up and I especially love the roller ball head and easy lock mechanism. I hate having to spend ages twisting dials and lining up air bubbles just to look on the camera screen and realise that the frame is still wonky.

I was initially interested in the Manfrotto Be Free travel tripod, but at £39.99 this one is a fraction of the price and can still fit into a backpack.

Click here for the link!


Headband Type Headphones S Series MDR-S70AP

Sony Headband Type Headphones S Series

Sony Headband Type Headphones S Series

Yep, there’s a bit of a technology theme occurring but I do love my gadgets. Every traveler cannot speak highly enough of noise cancelling headphones. Some big ol’ headphone appear to be the solution to everything. Crying babies on long haul flights, a partying hostel, or just having some relax time listening to your favourite albums.

I for one, seriously hate in-ear headphones. They’re uncomfortable, they fall out of my ears and I just ended getting more wound up than relaxed, so I cannot tell you how relieved I am that the 90’s headphones are back! I actually reignited my love for headphones after coming across a pair of my old Skull Candies and I absolutely loved how they shut out the world on my 3 hour train from home to University, and also when I needed to focus on my dissertation in the Uni library.

However, my skull candies are actually not very comfortable. They are so bulky so I can’t bring myself to walk down the road wearing them (and safety first, kids), and after a while they really hurt my ears. I love these Sony ones as for one, they fold up (travel-gasm), and that they’re really slim looking. They also don’t appear to press against the whole ear which will reduce my aching ear problems. I thoroughly need this in my life.

I’ve actually not managed to find these for a cheaper price on other websites, but you can buy them directly from the Sony website for £69.99 here


All-New Kindle Paperwhite

All-New Kindle Paperwhite

All-New Kindle Paperwhite

This is a pricy one, especially when it’s only for reading. But, since I’ve start using the kindle app on my Samsung Tablet I have fallen in love with the ease of having all my books in one place and I find that I can get as immersed in the e-books as I would in hard form book. However,  I find that the battery can drain quite quickly on my tablet, especially if I’m using it for other things such as using the internet and other apps, and that the back light isn’t very good for my eyes. I have to be extra careful about that now as staring at a laptop for the past three years at University has meant that I need to wear glasses to see in the distance, and it’s not something I want to make any worse.

The All- New Kindle has a very subtle back light for reading in the dark, and in the day the screen represents that of the page of a book. This one is also extremely light and they claim that the battery last for 8 weeks! I also find that books are really cheap to purchase on a kindle and the fact that you can start reading a new book in less than a minute after purchasing it online is another pro.

The Kindle really couldn’t be more perfect for travelling. This is a newer edition of the Amazon Kindle and is priced at £109.00 here but I’m hoping that if I wait until October 2014 (when it’s a year old) the price might go down a bit because Imma need this.


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