The Otley Run, Leeds

There’s sightseeing buses, then there’s pub crawls.


If you like pints, pals and pubs then Leeds is the perfect place for a cheap weekend away. My friends and I decided to move in to our mates’s house for the weekend to celebrate a 21st birthday! And what better way to do than taking on the old age tradition of the Otley run.

So what is the Otley run I hear you cry? Basically, it is one the of longest pub crawls around with 21 pubs on it’s route. The rules are that you can only drink a pint, double shot with a mixer or a shot along with games that require you to freeze, lie on a sticky dance floor or sing. All of which, of course, has to be completed in Fancy Dress. Simply put, it’s making a complete idiot out of yourself! The great thing is that there were about 3 of 4 other groups dressed up and taking part in the run, and to be honest, the locals didn’t seem to bat an eyelid at our odd behaviours. I guess that they’re used to it by now.

We didn’t have the finances or time to go mad with our costumes, so we went with Army gear. Cheap, easy and affective. This was great fun as we had all never dressed up for a night out before and it definitely made getting ready twice as fun as we covered ourselves in paint. We took the more realistic route of completing half of the crawl, but even then we were ruined by the last Pub which was called Strawberry fields. In fact, I actually fell asleep in that one! Unfortunately, we missed out on two pubs as one did not accept foreign ID’s, three of which our friends had, and one was closing by the time we got there. Woops!

I did wonder if we’d get bored by the 3rd pub but every one was unique. The decor was varied, from traditional, to modern, to a bit run down. The music and the drinks were just as different as well! I particularly loved the Hyde Park pub which was blasting out some Led Zeppelin and a Country version of AC/DC’s ‘Shook me all night long’, and I was also pleased to try my first ‘Oddka‘ in The Library. Oddka is a vodka drink which comes in the most random flavours and I chose the ‘salted popcorn’ flavoured shot.


I absolutely loved doing the Otley Run and if you’re ever up North with a bunch of friends or siblings then you should definitely take on the challenge. You get drunk very quickly though, especially if you’ve had to down a few pints, but I was with a bunch of friends who I trusted and we all look after each other – although I did have to say a firm no to a few Jaeger shots, as I learned in Denmark, Jaeger is not my friend!

To cure your hangover, the Dry Dock is a must-visit in Leeds.  It’s a pub in boat! Yes it is on the Otley run’s pub crawl list, but we chose to go there for cheap food – which tastes great.





You may have spotted that my blog post are becoming less regular and I really wish this wasn’t the case, however the deadline for my final research project is on the horizon so unfortunately I will be taking a break from my blog until the end of May. By that time though, Uni will be out of the ay and I’ll be able to put more love into my blog – I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “The Otley Run, Leeds

    • Oh you really should! It was so much fun and there is a really good atmosphere because everyone knows what you’re doing. I would recommend doing it in the Summer though as it got a bit cold walking/running from pub to pub!

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