5 Reasons Why I’m all over Trover


Okay, so it may seem like I’m the last to jump on the bandwagon, but there are still some people about who are unaware of the most amazing travel scrap-booking website around.

I first came across Trover after reading about it on Young Adventuress’ blog, and when she described it as a dupe of Pinterest without the google images, I was instantly intrigued. I do love Pinterest and spend a lot of my time wiping saliva off the keyboard, longing after beautiful pictures of a starfish bathing in the Seychelles, or a foggy waterfall, but when the link only takes you to an empty page it can get frustrating, but not with Trover.

1. It’s easy to navigate

I literally cannot wait for the Android app for this website – it’s already on iPhone – as the website is so simple to navigate. You don’t have to spend ages waiting for a new page to reload if you don’t want to. To make clicking and sharing easy, the picture you’re intrigued by – and there is a lot! – hovers off the page and you can click to add it to your board or show your love.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 10.38.58

2. Its States the places

This is another reason why Trover trumps over Pinterest – you can actually see where the photos was taken! After typing in ‘Vietnam’ and seeing the most beautiful images, I have now added the Sapa Mountains to my RTW itinerary.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 10.40.40

3. You can ask for advice

After seeing a picture of the Plitvice lakes in Croatia, one of my most lusted after countries at the moment, I asked about them in the comment, and in no time I got a reply from the original uploader who told me that the Dalmation Coast was worth a visit too. Obviously it depends on the uploader, but I can tell this is going to my RTW planning a lot easier with the help of generous been-there-done-that backpackers.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 10.43.01

4. You can easily build an itinerary

Have I mentioned that this website has become the soul source of my RTW planning? I’ve made boards so far for Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Sri lanka and each time I find an image I like, or a place/activity I want to do in theres countries I added it to the board. It’s so simple! Not too different from Pinterest but the pictures are more informative.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 10.41.55

5. You can share your own images

Okay, so after being contacted by the website owners on my thoughts about the website – which wasn’t too dissimilar to this gushing post – I mentioned how a multi-uploader would be a helpful option. At the moment you can only upload one image at a time, which for a busy student like me, can get a bit frustrating. However, I really enjoyed uploading my Iceland photos, explaining where they were taken and I was amazed by the positive feedback.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 10.42.14

I think all those who are a serious traveler or procrastinator, which fortunately I’m well experienced in both, needs to be on Trover. Thank you fellow travel nerds for designing this website, it has led to many late nights but I’m enjoying every second I spend on it!

View Helen Winter’s photos on Trover


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