Where I’m going on my RTW trip

The best part of planning

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This one has been a long time in the making. Ever since I started University three years ago I have been longing for the day I’d graduate and start my first RTW year long trip, and I’ve now finally got to the acceptable time to plan it. I’ve gone from going on my RTW trip with boyfriend, to going by myself, and now I shall be going with my older sister and although we’re both very different, we both have an equal wanderlust and willingness to experience life to the fullest.

So here is our trip!

Australia 1194985177583872160plane_in_the_sky_mo_01.svg_.hi_  New Zealand 1194985177583872160plane_in_the_sky_mo_01.svg_.hi_  Brunei 1194985177583872160plane_in_the_sky_mo_01.svg_.hi_ Bali 1194985177583872160plane_in_the_sky_mo_01.svg_.hi_ Singapore 1194985177583872160plane_in_the_sky_mo_01.svg_.hi_ Thailand 1194985177583872160plane_in_the_sky_mo_01.svg_.hi_ Laos 1194985177583872160plane_in_the_sky_mo_01.svg_.hi_ Cambodia 1194985177583872160plane_in_the_sky_mo_01.svg_.hi_ Vietnam 1194985177583872160plane_in_the_sky_mo_01.svg_.hi_ Sri Lanka

Obviously, plans can never be set in stone when it comes to travelling but this is the basic guideline that we’re aiming for. After I graduate, the plan is to get a full time job – hopefully as a travel consultant, I can easily talk travel all day – save up enough dollar, then by spring next year my sister and I will fly out to Brisbane and work in Aus for 5/6 months before travelling around the rest of Australasia.

I’m super excited and I can’t help looking at sleeper trains, coaches and activities when I’m suppose to be writing my dissertation!

If you have any recommendations or tips then let me know!


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