What to pack for a weekend away #Blog4trek


  Your guide to packing for a weekend away.

This is a blog post all about what I like to pack for a weekend trip, couresy of TrekAmerica’s #Blog4Trek competition. Regardless if I win or not, I think this is quite an interesting post and I loved writing it!

A Winter Weekend

 Winter 4

Top tip 1: My recent discovery, fleece lined tights! These can go under a midi skirt with some ankle boots for a christmas city break, or just under your skinny jeans for extra warmth like I did when I visited Iceland in January.

Top tip 2: Wear all your heavy and thick clothes at airport. I’m talking coat, boots, scarf, hat – the works. What can’t fit in your case, you wear. Yes, you may look like an over-eager tourist but at least you’ll be saving on those checking-in fees.

A Hot Holiday


Top tip 1: I practically live in flip flops on holidays but if you want something closed then Toms are your shoe. I fell in love with my pair last year, they’re super comfy for a long day on your feet and they pack up really small.

Top tip 1: For a night out, pair a day-dress with some wedges, a statement necklace and a red lip.

The Wash bag

wash 2

If you’re a chronic weekender, then investing in some 100ml containers to decant your shampoo and conditioner in to is a great idea. I got this set from Boots and I love the pump bottle that came with the pack which is perfect for cleanser. For your toothbrush you can also buy a case for it which is great for the hygiene-conscious.

Top tip 1: The containers are only an investment if you take them home. It’s no good leaving the pot to put moisturiser in at a friend’s house in Denmark….ahem.

Top tip 2: If you get mini bottles of anything, such a samples (pictured: bumble bumble thickening spray) then keep them when you’re done to make your own set of containers.

Make up

MU 3

For make up, I would take my La Roche Posay CC cream which is one colour suits all so even after building up your tan it will still suit your skin colour – and it has SPF 30 in it which is always a plus. For eyes, all you need is an eye shadow, eye liner, liquid eye liner and a mascara and if you’re having a night out just add a bright lipstick and a roll on perfume. I got mine from Zara for £3.99 and the scent lasts for ages!

Top tip: Make sure that your liquid foundation has a lid on it so it doesn’t explode all over your other make up essentials. I wish I wasn’t talking from experience, but sadly I am.

Tell me, what are your weekender essentials?


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