Celebrating in the Danish Countryside


Everyone should have a friend abroad, cheap housing, cooked meals and great fun!

Last weekend I completed a few firsts. Even though it wasn’t my first time to Denmark, it was my first time to the Danish Countryside, it was my shortest holiday abroad staying only two nights and my first trip abroad with a big group! Nine of us in total.

As you may know, if you’ve read my post on my time in Aarhus, Denmark, I have two old school friends who now live in Denmark and Germany, and we usually only get to see each other once a year for a few weeks in the summer. So, when Annika, my dane, suggested we spend a weekend in her Summer House in Bonnerup to celebrate her 21st it was a must!

After getting an hours sleep, pre-flight pub was never a good idea, we got in our 9 seater taxi from Milton Keynes to Standsted to fly to Aarhus. I’ve flown from Standsted three times now, but now they have changed the layout they seemed to have really upped the security! It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it was bit stressful when my two friends got body searched – thankfully without the rubber glove – and then all our bags had to be unpacked and checked. And by unpacked I mean all my neatly rolled clothes dumped in a tray whilst it was drug swabbed! The lady checking my bag turned to her colleague and did say ‘here is another example’ when my bag came up clean, so I’m guessing they were just as bewildered as to why all our bags were being checked. As I was repacking my bag in a rush, my other friends had to send their bags through the x-ray again! It was a bit ridiculous really – I could see why they put chairs in the security area! When we met up with the rest of our friends they didn’t have the same issue though so I’m wondering if it our x-ray machine was just a bit enthusiastic.

When we reached the Aarhus airport, which is pretty small, we were worrying about how to find our taxi that Annika had booked for us, but as we walked to the exit a very tall man stood in our way and simply said ‘Annika’s birthday party?’, we were ecstatic he found us! Apparently my friend had told him that we were didn’t speak danish and we’ll probably look confused, so could he be really obvious. I’d be offended if it wasn’t so true! Saying that, the danish taxi’s seem to be extremely efficient.

From the airport we headed to Glesborg, through to the tiny coastal village of Bonnerup where our friend’s summer house was. A summer house may sound posh to the Brits, but they’re pretty much the norm in Scandanvian countries and I saw the same thing in Iceland. Saying that Annika’s summer house was pretty plush having just been renovated, and was also deceivingly bigger on the inside than it looked from the outside!


After saying our hellos and having our hugs we took a walk into the Bonnerup village to stock up on some essentials for a 21st birthday party – alcohol – and Steve, our German friend who I holidayed with in Wilhelmshaven last year, ingredients for his speciality cocktail, which I cannot repeat the name of. After getting the bare essentials, also including Ritter Chocolate with I always by abroad because it is the best chocolate ever! We took a trip the the harbour, being out of season mostly every where was closed and deserted but it was still a beautiful sight. After playing at the park – how cool, I know right – we overlooked the boats and the typical scandinavian hut-like homes as we watched the wind farms spin, then we cracked open a beer and took a really beautiful walk through the woods which gave us a view of the whole coast. Not before stopping off at a traditional danish bakery where we had the best pastries – you did have to buy a huge helping so I vultured off my friend’s pastry when he couldn’t eat anymore – the dane’s have an incredible sweet tooth, but oh my goodness could I get used to that!

After having a pre-party nap – the 3 hours of consecutive napping had caught up on us – it was time to get on the drinks and get celebrating. Needless to say that the night took a bit of a sour turn but we had a great time just being together, dancing, and more dancing, and playing cards….unfortunately we had all but passed out by midnight. Although I’m very proud to say that I wasn’t the first to bed and I even managed to climb up the steep wooden stairs to the attic bedroom – although I had been busy being sick – ergh! I’m not really much of a drunk drinker but I am helpless against peer pressure and with our group’s motto being GBD – which basically means go hard or go home, I was defenceless. This saying has got us into some devastating situations but it has also helped a girl, who was extremely shy and insecure in her childhood, to embrace life to the fullest, and whenever I’m nervous about trying something new I have this going through my head. It is great to be with a group who are so ready to embrace life….and the toilet bowl.

The next day when we all woke up a not-so fresh, we were consoled by some fresh poppy and sesame seed buns that Annika and Steve were nice enough to walk into town to pick up whilst we drank copies amounts of tea in front of the log fire. Then it was time for the birthday cake! Well, the pastry person. Annika explained as she showed us a huge pastry girl, that in Denmark the children get a boy or a girl pastry for their birthdays, usually covered in Liquorice, and after everyone has sung happy birthday, the birthday boy or girl cuts the head off the pastry person with a knife and everyone screams. Of course, we all made sure to do this.


Our last day was a bit more chilled, and in the evening we headed back in to the village to get the ingredients for our Mexican night of home-made chilli burgers and nachos. This was a much more civilised evening, and although we were mostly on the recovery-beers, we stayed up until 5 in the morning playing ‘Who am I’ where you stick a name to your head, talking about the school days and life in general. After three hours sleep, it was back to the airport and I was so sad to leave as we had such a good time, and it was nice actually visiting a country without an itinerary the size of my arm to stick to. Saying that, we have discussed going back to the Summer house in the summer and driving to parts of Denmark, including Copenhagen, which I’m desperate to see, as well as another weekend away in Germany for Steve’s Birthday.


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