Anxiety and traveling


When you think of travel you think of beaches, activities, relaxing and adventure, but for many, including myself, it also means anxiety.

When we go travelling, we always tend to find out something new about ourselves, or stumble across some sort of life lessons – and if you don’t, then you’re probably on an all inclusive! Over the last year I had three great trips, to Denmark, Germany and Iceland as well as experiencing my first festival, Glastonbury. One thing I did come to realise though, was that I was not enjoying my self as much as I should have, and that was all down to anxiety.

I’m a huge stressor and an absolute control freak, so when it comes to booking tickets or organising trips, I’m usually the one in charge, but it’s only recently come to my attention that this over-planning is hindering my holidays. When I went to Iceland with my partner I was so desperate to impress him with my organising skills that when it went a bit side ways – our hotel room was crap and our entrance to the Blue Lagoon was not included in our ticket price – I took it to heart and felt as though the whole trip was a disaster. I mean how on earth was I suppose to plan a RTW trip if I couldn’t even get 5 day trip in Iceland correct!

The same thing happened in Glastonbury as well. I was tired from making sure we saw every band and was so exhausted that I didn’t really enjoy the festival at the time, retrospectively I look back on it fondly but at the time it was really hard work. My anxiety also got the best of me during Dizzee Rascal’s set and I began having a panic attack (although I blame the girl next to me for starting it first!) which, even though it was an experience in myself, resulted in me having to be lifted over the barriers of the Pyramid Stage. I also had to get pulled over the barriers when I saw Foo Fighters in 2011. Now it’s a new year and my friends are really eager, as am I, to go to Tomorrowland in Belgium this year, but all I can think about is how they’re going to want to go to the front, and I’m not going to be able to go with them.

But, now I want to do something about it!

I’ve decided that constantly worrying and panicking is no way to travel the world, and it’s time that I sort it out now before I head off on my RTW trip. I am off to Denmark this weekend for a friend’s birthday, and I began feeling the similar sensations of panic when I booked a taxi for 7 of us from a friends house, and then was told we needed to be picked up from another friends house, instantly the panic and self-torture for messing up began to set in, but instead of letting it get to me I told my self that it was easily amendable, and it was. Problem solved.

So this year I am not going to panic! In the schedule I have a holiday to Marrakech planned – not booked- and I’m going to work hard to control my anxiety when it comes to pre-booking and planning, and I will make sure that I relax, take a second to myself and enjoy where I am rather than panic about where I’m going.

Do you suffer with anxiety when it comes to travelling? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Anxiety and traveling

  1. I do a little and it can be stressful when things don’t go as you have planned in your head. I now try to see things that go a bit lopsided as just part of the experience of the holiday.Like when i went to Marakeche with my boyfriend and we travelled on to the coast for a few days in what i thought would be an ‘ air conditioned’ coach ~ the air conditioning turned out to be a paper fan and the bus was mega hot and overcrowded ~ there was even a chicken travelling on it! But it made for an amusing story to retell and we made sure to look for a ‘supertours’ proper air conditioned coach to travel back on which was actually cheaper. There’s a tip for you if you go to Morocco. Enjoy your trips.:)

    • Ah I will remember that ha ha! Sure sounds like an experience though! That is exactly what I’ve done with our hotel in Iceland, is seemed like the worst thing in the world when our room wasn’t as I had expected but now I find it funny to tell people that our ‘double bed’ was two single beds that we had to push together ourselves! And one bed was a few inches taller than the other! I suppose what I learnt from the experience as well was to read the ‘terrible’ reviews on TripAdvisor, not just the good ones!

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