My Travel Christmas Gifts


Finally, no more Christmas songs!

Working in retail can undoubtedly ruin your Christmas spirit – the customers seem to ask more stupid questions each year and ‘All I Want For Christmas’ is to not listen to this song again! I really couldn’t wait to get xmas over with, but when it came around I was so surprised by the xmas haul and thoughtful gifts. Here were  the travel gifts I got this year, let me know what you received this festive season!

1. Canon 50mm Lens and Polarise Filter

I’ll admit, my partner was in the doghouse as he was suppose to get me a 50mm lens for my 21st (but never did!) so I knew I would definitely be getting one for Christmas. But, I was pleasantly surprised that he bought the polarised filter I was harping on about as well! I actually took this photo with my 50mm lens, not being able to zoom in or out takes a while to get used to but the sharpness and clarity of each photo just astounds you! I managed to get two amazing photos of my dogs on Christmas day without even trying.

2. Lonely Planet Australia Travel Guide

I have had my eye on the ball for my RTW trip, starting in Australia, but with the stress of Uni pushing me to impulse buy, and knowing I’ll have to go separate ways with my fella, I had to get my motivation back on top. I’ve only read the first few pages but so far it’s getting my adrenaline pumping – although I wish Lonely Planet wouldn’t write their books like a brochure.

3. Money and Socks for Iceland

I was really surprised by how cosy these Topshop socks are that my sister bought me to take to Iceland, and they will definitely keep my feet warm! I was also very grateful for the money I received to change in to ISK which will pay for a whale watching trip!

4. Travel document holder

This was something I was amazed at! I saw this Bon Voyage Travel Wallet in a shop when I visited Oxford in the summer and I was so surprised that my Mum had managed to find it. It is just beautiful, there are pockets for documents, tickets, currency, passport, hotel and ‘Whenever I need a pen’ and ‘Loose change and little things’ – how cute! The attention to detail is just beautiful, there is a tiny folded up paper plane made out of a world map, and a zip in the shape of a tiny camera. I’m in love with it!

5. Harry Potter World Tickets (not photographed)

I was also extremely ecstatic that my boyfriend’s Mum and husband got us Harry Potter Studio Tour tickets. I have been nagging and nagging him about going – even when I was watching Order of the Phoenix the Sunday before Christmas day I was moaning to my fella that he should take me – how he kept a straight face I don’t know. We’re planning to go towards the end of May after I finish University and I’ll be writing a blog post on that when it happens!

6. A vintage bike – okay, so this is a bad instagram photo


I was also very stunned to get a beautiful vintage bike from my brother and sister. I’ve been needing a bike for ages and this one was just so beautiful – I’m scared to leave it locked up anywhere! I am yet to drive – as I chose to travel around the USA instead of drive – and public transport is sucking the life out of my funds, so a bike was a great idea to save some pennies – and look incredibly awesome/hipster.


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