What I’ve Done So Far Part II



Been there, done that…and I would do it again!

If you hadn’t noticed, I’m back at Uni! Late nights, early starts, deadlines and a never ending pile of washing up! I’ve been a bit time restricted over the past few weeks – hence my lack of posts – and I wish I could promise such things won’t be happening again but unfortunately my 3rd and final year at Uni is holding no prisoners!

But, as my vegan pizza refuses to cook in the over – I’m being Vegan for a month – I have some time to spare to write my sequel to what I’ve managed to achieve in the past 3 years!

Went to my first festival: Glastobury 2013

I know I have a whole blog post on this – right here – but I’ll just give you the brief summary. So, this year I went to my first actual, proper festival and I couldn’t have chosen a  better one than Glastonbury! Filled with hippies, great music – ahem, The Rolling Stones for one – and awesome food, I was in my element. Also, there was camping! Even if it was by the worst smelling toilets that have ever existed, camping reminds me of my childhood (no expensive holidays for me!) so its something I really enjoyed. Nothing quite warms my heart more than crawling in, hands on knees to fetch some alcohol from the back of a soggy tent! I absolutely loved the whole of Glastonbury – even if it was smelly, exhausting and painful on the joints – I would definitely go again. Unfortunately, I hope to go to Tomorrow Land next yea but I know at some point in my life I’ll be back at Glasto.

My highlights from Glastonbury are: being pulled over the barriers of the Pyramid Stage, falling asleep during Vampire Weekend’s set, making my own ring and having a cup of tea on top of a bus!

Took some embarrassing photos in Aarhus, Denmark

My motto in life is: You can sleep when you’re dead, so you might as well live whilst you can. In light of that, I don’t mind taking some stupid photos every now and then. When visiting one of my greatest besties (I usually wouldn’t use such a word to describe a person but in 10 years of friendship, she’s earned it) and we decide to take our cameras out and about. We ended up at in the Rainbow Panorama of the Aros art gallery – where we decided to work those quads!

Tried some Seafood Paella in Majorca

And went on my first holiday with the boyf – even if his Mum and step dad were with us, still counts! When visiting Sollere in Majorca, my favourite place we visited, my partner and I decided to be cultural and try the local cuisine, a seafood paella. And for €15 a head, I wish it had tasted better. I’ve never been a huge sea food fan but over the past few years I have been pushing my self to eat out of my comfort zones – especially abroad! However, sometimes it doesn’t work out, but from the experience I discovered that mussels make me gag, shell fish is annoying, and if you can’t tell what the meat is, it’s likely to be a stray cat. The last one is a theory, but I really don’t know what meat we were eating, or why there had to be bones!

Went abseiling in Mallorca

Whenever I visit a new country, I see it as an opportunity – or excuse – to splash out some money to try something I’ve never done before. I loved hiking when I was in America and decided I wanted to some when we went to Mallorca, and when researching some good places I found Experience Mallorca who offered abseiling experiences at Alcudia. It wasn’t long before I’d booked it and was printing out confirmation receipts!

The hike was a bit of a struggle, and I was introduced to the concept of scrambling before I really knew what it was – that I didn’t enjoy so much as it literally felt like you were going to fall off the cliff! But once we got strapped up to abseil, the fun began…well after the first abseil. I hadn’t quite understood the technique when we came to our first drop, and consequently I didn’t put my legs out straight enough and ended up hanging off the side of the cliff with my feet over my head! I did manage to steady myself though – and I totally didn’t cry…ahem- but after that fall I got the confidence I needed and had great fun for the rest of the day. If you’d like to read more about my trip to Mallorca, click here!

Went to a White Party in Zakynthos

Until I went to Zakynthos (aka Zante) I thought that White Parties only existed in Queer as Folk, but they’re actually real! When I took a girlie holiday to Zante with my friends in 2012, and when a very good looking Aussie asked us if we fancied a party on a private Island, a ‘no’ seemed out of the question. We bought our tickets and soaked in the sun waiting for the days to pass to get glammed up in white to make our way to the party. The island it’s self was absolutely beautiful! I know it’s cheesy, but it did look like some form of paradise, and every traveller knows that a sunset can make any Island appear magical. The music was great, the lady giving free henna tattoos was scary and the mixers were strong! As the sun set, and we got more intoxicated, the night was finished with a brilliant fire show which was performed on floating platforms. The White Party was definitely one of the funnest and most memorable nights of my life.

Saw a turtle!

Okay, so the shot is rubbish, and the boat tour was not only slightly unethical and touristy (as well as spending lots of time crashing into caves!) but seeing a turtle was still a pretty awesome experience – even if we only got to see one – and circled the poor thing about 10 times. I think next time though I’ll volunteer at a turtle sanctuary to see one.

Got a tattoo – well, two!

Since I hit teenagehood – and became a massive goth – I became slightly obsessed with tattoos and, of course, LA Ink! My awesome close-knit family ended up starting our own Winter Family Tradition, which was getting a tattoo on your 18th Birthday! My Mum and sister started the trend when my sister got 9 butterflies tattooed on her back, and my Mum joined her by getting bluebells and a butterfly tattooed on her chest at 48 (and she took two years to tell HER Mum!) So when mine, and my twin brother’s 18th rolled around, we knew that we had to follow suite. Our original idea was to get two separate tattoos but the day before our consultation my brother thought it would be a good idea to get a tattoo of two coy fish to not only represent twins, but also share the joke that everyone says we looks asian! We’re actually fully british, and even though I completely agree that we look oriental, we do not know where it comes from!

My second tattoo was after I had a particularly rough time in life, as they happen, I was at a Foo Fighters concert with my brother (best gig I’ve ever been to) and they played ‘Times like These’ and the lyrics ‘Times like these we learn to live again’ made me have an epiphany moment, and I realised that no matter how crap a situation may seem, you just need to learn from it, brush your self off and start over. I had this tattooed on my ribs and I am so thankful for it as the attitude that I have towards life, and the thirst to just give everything a go has really helped me experience some amazing things in my life so far, and to write this blog which is doing better than I ever thought it would. I’m planning to get my next tattoo soon to represent my love of travel, a vintage hot air balloon, anyone?


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