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Gotta love ’em

I’m a sucker for travel inspiration quotes – I can literally spend hours on Pinterest – but I’m not talking about quotes in this post, I’m talking about proper inspiration and where to get it from. I sometimes, who am I kidding I ALWAYS, get the urge to want to go travelling – or at least add a destination to my already extensive bucket list – and I usually soothe my backpacker cravings with doing what I like to do best, research!  Today, I give you a list of where to look for some travel inspiration!


I’m studying Journalism at University, so naturally magazines take up a lot of space in my room, and apart from the occasional Cosmopolitan and NME magazine, I mostly stock up on Lonely Planet and Wanderlust magazines. I get so excited when I get my new Lonely Planet magazine through the post, or I see a new issue of Wanderlust on the shelf  and always clear my evening plans to have a flick through. Whenever I have got through my new magazine I always have a list of new destinations, or events that I want to go to. For example, as mentioned on my Bucket List Part II post, in a tiny section on Wanderlust’s ‘Shortcuts’  page I read about the Aurora being at it’s best this year and consequently I have found a great deal for flights and hotel in Iceland – including a Northern Lights tour that I hope I will manage to venture to depending on money and University deadlines. So, if you are feeling the urge to travel but not sure where to go, flicking through a travel magazine is a great place to start.



Okay, so splashing out on a Lonely Planet – or any other travel book – will quickly eat into your actual travel funds, so an easy way to do some more in depth studying is by sampling the goods. If you have a Kindle, or another type of Tablet then make sure you download the Amazon Kindle app, this way when you look for books on, you may see the option to ‘Send Free Sample’ in which case you’ll get a free sample of a book! I did this with a Lonely Planet book on Italy and the sample was 2681 pages! It is also a great way to sample any other book if you’re not sure that you’ll like it. I was lucky enough to get my Samsung tablet – which I recommend – for free as my boyfriend came to the conclusion that I would get more use out of it than him, and even though some aren’t cheap, voucher sites like Groupon sometimes offer deals and discounts on them.


World Wide Web

The internet! What a great place for travel inspiration! Travel blogs -ahem- are a great place for travel inspiration, and some of my favourites are GQTrippin’, 40before30 and Nomadic Matt, and Bloglovin’ which offers a whole travel blog section for you to scroll through mindlessly for hours. You can also get a real feel for a place by watching videos on Youtube, or turning to travel sites such as, Bootsnall or Telegraph and Guardian travel pages. If procrastination is a life skill of yours, then the internet is your friend!

I also love this video that GQTrippin did


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