The Bucket List Part II

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There’s no point being under ambitious

This week I found out that I passed my summer re-sit exam! That means, my readers, that I am officially in my third and final year of University! So far I am trying to save for a trip to Italy but I’m on a zero hour contract at my current job so shifts are a bit unpredictable and I can’t apply for another job because I need to take 4 weeks off in November for a placement at NME – sigh, as much as I want to save a load of money I do need to keep reminding myself that I am still getting a degree and reluctantly, that comes first. However, I am actually feeling motivated to save my money which is a great feeling! Last time I saved money like this I was off to America and when it comes to wanting two pairs of shoes, I now ask myself ‘what do I want more, new boots or an afternoon kayaking on Lake Como’.

Money is a pain, and depending on how my saving goes I will soon be writing a blogpost on my money saving tips! But in the mean time, here is my fantasy wish list that I hope to achieve before I reach 30!

Backpack across South America

In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to live in Argentina at some point, but travelling through South and Central America will be my house viewing and checking out the local neighbourhoods. I am in love with the South and Central America culture and the Galapagos Islands just look amazing, and Peru is definitely high up on my list with the Inca Trail and awesome Peruvian people and after reading all about the Nazca Lines in this month’s Wanderlust, I want to go even more! Colombia also has a bad reputation, but relying on the news to see what a place is all about is always a bad way to research, of course I want to be safe on my travels but there are plenty of people on the world wide web who have been to Colombia and absolutely loved it. And of course, I’ll have to make a stop over to Costa Rica to visit the Sloth Sanctuary.


Ride the Trans-siberian railway

I’ll be honest, when I watched Karl Pilkington take on this voyage in An Idiot Abroad it looked like my idea of hell! Since going to University and after my summer of commuting, I feel like I might as well move in and live on a train – which is what you do on the Trans-Siberian railway! However, as with most things, after having to research it for an article for I suddenly realised that it may not be all that bad – in fact, it looks pretty darn awesome! After reading a guest post on one of my favourite Bloggers, Nomadic Matt’s page, I began to fall in love with this Eastern Adventure. I’ve also been following this blog all summer, Adam’s Grand Tour which is written by a guy who left England this year to travel to New Zealand…without flying! So far Adam, who has a great sense of humour, has been travelling mostly by coach and train, and one of those was the Trans-Siberian Railway which has now convinced me that this journey needs to be secured on my Bucket List.


Visit Eastern Europe 

Okay, so this kind of crosses-over with the Trans-Siberian railway, but there’s more to Eastern Europe than Russia. I have a friend – who has solidly had my back since we were 11, and even though she now lives in Denmark, and lived in Vietnam for 5 years, we’re still best buds – and she wants to see Eastern Europe too, so we plan on making some arrangements at some point and make our way through Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia…you get the gist. When it comes to Croatia though I plan to spend two/three weeks travelling around this secret wonder as it just looks so beautiful and sometimes when it comes to travelling I prefer the quality of a trip over the quantity of countries visited.


Take on the Northern Trail

After I’ve done my fill of countries, I eventually want to take another – now nostalgic – trip with Trek America to the Northern States! Or known as on their website, the Northern Trail. My partner did this trek over the summer and it just looks incredible, and if there’s one thing I love about America it’s their amazing  and diverse landscapes, and the Northern trail has  treks through Yosemite, Yellow Stone and also a peek at Mount Rushmore.

(Yes, this is a photo my boyfriend took himself when on his trip)


Go Eurotripping with my mates

This includes Central and Western Europe. With one friend in Germany and another in Denmark, I have already seen my fair share of Europe, but I really want to take a long haul euro trip, with long train journey’s and over night ferries with all my best friends – n’aww – we were hoping to do this in the Summer of 2014 but with three of us at Uni, one in the Navy and my other two friends paying off some debts (that first car was never going to be cheap!) we’ll probably be taking on this trip in 2015. As frustrating as it is to put it off another year, if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right. Our original plan for now is to start in Amsterdam> Berlin > Prague > Vienna  > Budapest with a possible stop-over in Switzerland.


See the Northern Lights

This is something I’d absolutely loved to do this year, especially as NASA has predicted a ‘peak in solar activity’ – I’m quoting from this issue of Wanderlust (love this magazine!) in December. Apparently, some genius has figured out that this activity marks the midway point of the 24th Solar Cycle since records began in 1755! For people living or visiting Abisko or Bjorkliden in Sweden, for more than three days will have an 80%chance of seeing the biggest aurora in the world! I may have to write some IOU’s this Christmas as I really want to take a weekend break to see this… I actually just put this blog post on hold for an hour just to look at flights and hotels!


See David Bowie Live

Okay, so this isn’t really travel related but I just love David Bowie so much and I’m on mission to see him before I (or he) kicks the bucket! I already had the amazing chance to see The Rolling Stones this year at Glastonbury, so Bowie, you’re next! And I shall be putting on my red shoes and dancing the blues under the moonlight- the serious moonlight.



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