The Bucket List


What I want to achieve before I kick the bucket!

As this is a travel blog – which I hope will be joining me on my travels when the ball finally gets rolling – I’m going to post a list of ten activities, adventures, places and achievements I wish to tick off within the next 10 years.

1) Get my working holiday visa to work 6-12 months in Australia and New Zealand

Why earn all of my travel money in rainy England when I can get a tan fruit picking, pearl farming or maybe just working at a bar in Surfer’s Paradise. I think starting off my travels working abroad will help me build my confidence and connections and throw me out of my comfort zone – darn that comfort zone! Plus, I can only get a working visa before I turn 30 so it really does force me to get on it asap.


2) Do every adventure sport in New Zealand!

Zorbing, hiking the Fox Glaciers , visiting the Hobbit Homes (that’s an adventure, right?) and conquering my fear of heights. If Bungee jumping and sky diving won’t do it, then I shall ever be doomed to have jelly legs. I used to always be that kid on the beach reading er -vampire – books (before they were cool!) rather than being in the sea, and as I’ve come to realise that adrenaline sports are what make a holiday memorable, I’ve realised how many years of catching up I need to do!


3)  Get my PADI diving license (and my driving license whilst I’m at it – forever on the backburner)

Diving is something I’ve always wanted to do, I am a bit wary because I do get quite claustrophobic sometimes but I’m fascinated by marine life and diving is one of those thing  where I have to push my fears behind a few doors and close them. I hope to get my Scuba Diving license at the start of my travels so I can discover some of the biggest and best reefs, and clear marine protected waters the world has to offer, sadly, before they’re all polluted to death.


4) Go to a Festival abroad

I enjoyed my first festival at Glastonbury this year and I am hooked! The only thing I can think off to top Glasto will be to go to a huge festival in a whole different country. Tomorrowland in the appropriately named town of Boom, in Belgium, is high up on my list. When I head to Asia -not if, when! Negative thinking is not allowed on this blog! – the Boryeong Mud Festival in Korea is one experience I refuse to miss out on.

BOSS gets down and dirty at Boryeong Mud Festival

5) Go Overlanding in Africa.

I’ll be honest, for some reason Africa has never been high on my rankings for places to travel but after watching David Attenborough’s – BBC’s very own Grandpa -amazing documentary on Africa I now want to go more than ever! Overlanding looks like a great, safe and stress-free way to enjoy the vast terrains and see a great mix of animals. If I get to see some Rhinos flirting, I will die happy.


6) Back Pack across South East Asia.

After I’ve earnt a fair bit of dough – and hopefully not splurged it all on hobbit sitings – I plan to use the money I’ve made from working in Aus and New Zealand to work my way up through the Philippines, Indonesia, Korea,Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand – to finish it all off at the Full Moon Party of course.


7) Live in Argentina

Okay, so I’ll have to brush up on my spanish for this one, but since writing about Argentina for a article, I have now fallen in love with it! I’ve always wanted to try living in a different country – and even though I may be there less than a year, if there was one place I could settle in, it would have to be here. With the Iguazu Falls, Las Glacieras and the night life of Buenos Aires, I think I could definitely fit right in.


8) Perfect my photography

As much as I love my new camera, I have to say it’s only since getting introduced to this hobby at University that it has really become an interest. However, I still hardly know what I’m doing! I have a basic grasp on aperture and depth of field, but I’m also constantly faffing around with buttons and taking multiple shots over and over again before I get one I’m pleased with. Within the next few years I hope that investing some pennies into a photography course should get me on the right track to take some amazing photos – which ideally I could sell for money….for more travelling.

998108_10151878552254274_367305003_n (1)

9) Work at an animal conservation

It’s no secret that I’m an animal lover and on my way around the world I hope to give something back. I love animals – although I must confess I do follow the human error of liking the ‘fluffy’ and ‘cute’ ones the most and if I could work at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica then that would be a dream come true! Helping out at an elephant or turtle conservation is also high up on my to-do list though.


10) Go Island Hopping

I’m a firm believer in scheduling in some R&R time during long travels. When I travelled through America for 3 weeks I ended up so tired and exhausted that I stopped enjoying it as much as I would have like and was ill in Vegas because of exhaustion. To break up my  soon-to-be hard-backpacking life – sigh, I can’t wait and that’s not even sarcastic!- I want to do some Island Hopping around Fiji and the Cook islands.


Is  there anything else I need to do, or have you done any of the above? Let me know by commenting below! 


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