Best Parties in the World


It’s my last week at!

Starting this blog has become the outlet of my aspiration to become a travel writer, and my placement at has really helped me get a leg up in the travel journalism business and overall, has just been a great experience.

I know more about the world than ever before, and now I can really understand the importance of research before travel so that you can get the most out of a trip – even though I’ve always been a major organiser.

I’m also now pretty obsessed with Argentina.

So here is my latest feature article for on the best parties in the world!

Backpacking isn’t just temples and jungles, it’s also drinking, dancing and general celebration

Planning a gap year is easier said than done, so it usually helps to focus your itinerary around an event you really want to attend. After all, no backpackers want to find themselves strolling in to a new city when the decorations are being taken down and the rubbish is being swept up.

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