Film and TV travel inspiration

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When I did my US trip back in 2011 – was it really that long ago? – One of the biggest influence for choosing this destination was my addiction to US TV shows. What can I say, I’m drawn to a compelling story line.

In light of my easily impressionable mind, here is an article I wrote on my current placement at about TV shows, location and travel.

We all want to travel, but the question is, where? Finding the right inspiration to make a decision on which country, or countries, you want to invest your first lot of savings into can be tough. You’ve read every single blog, travel website and travel guide going but they lack the visuals. This is where the use of television shows and films come in handy! Most people don’t really associate films and shows with travel insight, but as the entertainment industry is becoming more international, you can really get a good look at what a country has to offer. Apocalypse Now was even responsible for the surf culture in the Philippines – bit of trivia for you there.

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