How to deal with homesickness on your Gap Year


So today is the dreaded ‘results day’ for the younger Brits. I remember getting my A-level results – in the hallway of a hotel room in LA at 3am – and absolutely not believing how well I did.

Unfortunately for me, Mr. Prime Minister Cameron hoiked up the University fees to £9,000 the year after mine – meaning this was the only time I could go to Uni with the prices still being low. Being a twin, I couldn’t let my parents pay nearly triple the prices just so I could do a bit of traveling, so I missed out on my gapyear, which absolutely torments me. But, now the prices are set in stone, so you might as well go!

One of the biggest fears of gap year-ing is the thought of missing home, with this being the first time most people have flown the nest, and dealing with the troubles of travelling doesn’t make it easier. So here is an article I wrote for on how to deal with this and how not to let it ruin your lifetime adventure.

The experiences, cultures and learning curves you’ll enjoy while travelling are more than enough to put a spot of backpacking on anyone’s bucket list. However, with most things, there are times where it gets tough, and you might find yourself in a situation where you’ve had enough, and then the dreaded symptoms of homesickness arise.

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