Losing my hostel virginity


This is an article I wrote for Gapyear.com on my current placement, but as you are my lovely followers you get the exclusive pictures! This article is about my weekend in Germany way back in April and how I took on hosteling for the very first time – and I loved it!

My First Time in a Hostel

From a newly converted hostel-phobe 

There are many misconceptions about the hostel way of travelling, and I don’t think the horror film ‘Hostel’ has helped with the stereotype either. A lot of people are worried about being robbed or sleeping on a dirty mattress or being abducted and tortured – yeah, I need to stop watching that film, and you’re not alone. Until a few months ago, I too was a hostel-phobe, but now I have been converted!

….CONTINUE HERE: http://www.gapyear.com/features/204819/my-first-time-in-a-hostel


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